New Features

* Chat/ messaging- in the upper right hand corner there is a message icon use that to get to the messaging feature. You can also message a user by going to their profile.

* .stl .step .obj .3dp and .blend are supported upload files you can upload up to 500mb per post. (Please only make one post with attachments at a time, the firewall may recognize 2 big uploads as a DOS attack)

* classifieds group - sell your stuff here. How you choose to collect payment and goods is up to you.

* zap carry corner - post memes and what not here a community hang out group where straying off topic is fine.

* user tags - if you have an original design message me and we will add it to your tag.

If you would like to help the best way to do that would be to start adding content. If you have HTML experience, time, and the desire to help build a wikia to archive the sub reddit please message me.